Before we moved into our house we made some major renovations to our bathrooms. The family bathroom was very small with a tiny shower behind the door and a very small sink. I liked the style of the bathroom but it was just not functional for our family. Here is what it looked like:

Family Bath - before 1 Family Bath - before  2 Family Bath - before 3

We hired a local contractor to manage the renovations. Our requirement was to fit in a bathtub and a larger sink. This meant to gut the room down to the studs and increase the size of the dormer.

Familybath - before 1 Familybath - before 2 Family Bath - studs 1 Familybath - studs 2

Once we were down to the studs, the contractors took off the roof! We truly loved the view and were debating of adding a second floor terrace at one point :). And of course, we also found some damaged studs (apparently load bearing ones) which had to be replaced (ugh!).

Family bath - no roof 1 Familybath - no roof 2

Once the roof was back up we decided to keep the ceiling open and added a skylight.

Family bath - new roof 1 Family bath - new roof 2

The hardest part in any renovation is deciding. Deciding on the size, style, texture, finish, bla bla bla of everything. I have been in so many tile stores, home improvement, and paint stores – I could not think straight anymore. But in the end – it was all well worth it – what do you think?

Family bath - after 1  Family bath - after 3 Family bath - after 4 Family bath - after 5