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The original walkway to the entrance of our house ran straight down to the road – actually, first on a patch of grass, then to a sidewalk, then to the main road. I never understood why the walkway was built like this as it really did not “go” anywhere as you can see in the picture (this is the look of our house shortly after we bought it). Front Walkway - Before

Before we started building the new walkway, my husband added rocks along our Front of house - 2010

property line to seperate the front yard from the sidewalk a little bit. We then planted a weeping cherry tree and a row of Forsythia bushes (but changed that later to a row of roses – see another post for pictures).

In April 2011 we were finally ready to tackle the curved walkway toward the driveway. My husband and I had long debates on the design and how many curves we would want :). But I believe we agreed on a nice design in the end.

Breaking up existing walk

Our first step was to rip out the end of the walkway which we did not need anymore. We had of course help from our sons – who loved to “break” up all the rock and make lots of noise. We refilled the section with the broken up pieces and topped it off with soil.

Then my husband staked out the new path and started digging. The stakes were for my benefit as I could not visualize the path otherwise :).

Front Walk - stakesFront Walk before - staked

Front walk - digging

We then filled in the pathway with the debris from the old path and smaller rocks. After that the puzzle building started. We added the existing New England Field Stones on the path, using concrete to secure each rock and then adding mortar for the joints. It seems that I do not have any pictures of this process though :(.

We decided to add a street lantern at the bend of the walkway and an arch at the entrance of the walk. Here you can see a picture with the lantern (Bellagio 96″), arch, and the almost finished walkway. Front walk - lamp and arch

Street Lamp

We finished the project early June, working mainly on weekends and days off. We had frost and cold weather a couple of times so the project took longer than expected. AND I constantly came up with other little projects for my husband to work on :). And here it is…

Front walk - after front walk - after # 3

The key take-aways from this job were:

  • Re-use rocks/stone materials as foundation for the walkway
  • Add any electrical pipes and outlets before laying out the first layer of rocks
  • Don’t install any metal power sockets in the ground (the soil acidity ate away on ours and we had to replace it)
  • Take your time and enjoy the journey :).