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The space below our staircase in the basement was a mess. We use it to store all our shoes as it is right next to our entrance. After we built the mudroom locker, we had to “clean up” this area as well – of course.

Here is what the space looked like before. Although we had added some wire shelving, which gave the area more functionality, it always looked messy.

Staircase storage - before

We found some great inspiration in magazines (This Old House) and on websites (check out www.woodworkersworkshop.com). We decided to build two closets under the stairs, splitting space under the stairs in two sections. This way we could access the storage both sides of the staircase. Furthermore, we decided to add a small drawer at the end of the staircase.

My husband first covered the underside of the staircase so no dust would fall into the storage from the top. Then he installed the wall of the closet.Staircase storage - wall front Staircase storage - wall back

Once the bottom of the closet was installed, he installed the side panels. He used dowels to secure the panels at the bottom of the closet and brackets on the back wall.

Staircase storage - panels 1 Staircase storage - panels 2

Staircase storage - panels 3

Once the boards were installed, my husband built the drawer. In the end, we decided to add doors to cover the content. And here is the end result. One day I may paint the doors white…

Staircase storage - after - insideStaircase storage - after

Staircase storage - after - back

Basement flooring:
While we were at it, we installed new flooring to the front part of our basement. As with many basements in New England, ours is also prone to get wet when we have heavy rains in the area. Thus, we could not just add carpet or fixed flooring.

After some research I found interlocking flooring called “TrafficMaster InterLock Vinyl Plank Flooring” at Home Depot which we could install on top of the current basement floor without glueing it down. It only took us one weekend to install the floor and we absolutey love it.

Basement floor 1

Basement floor 2

What’s next on our list? Adding a fireproof door and painting the door frame, and one day – one day –  enclosing the toilet/bathroom area in the basement. Stay tuned :).