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As our house only had one bathroom at the first floor when we bought it – and we really did not want to share our “master” bathroom with all the guests, we somehow found a way to add a 1/2 bath (powder room) before we moved in.

Here is the closet area we used to add the 1/2 bath:

PowderRoom before1 PowderRoom before2

This is the view of the new and smaller entrance/archway to the master bedroom (the powder room is to the right):

New doorway

Did we mention that we had to keep the chimney? I am still in awe in how we managed to fit a toilet and sink in this small space!

PowderRoom before3 PowderRoom before4

And here is the final product. We added a simple bathroom set at the time with the plan to update the 1/2 bath. We are super happy that we made the investment to add this bathroom!

PowderRoom after 1 PowderRoom after2