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When we bought our house, the first floor had only one full bathroom. The entrance to the bathroom was right next to the master. We decided to add a 1/2 bath in a closet area, close the original bathroom door from the hallway, and add a new entry to the bath from our master bedroom.

Here is how the bathroom looked before the renovations. I did like the tiles but the room was just not functional enough for us. Below the original entrance to the bath (this pics shows the master bedroom only though…)

MasterBed - from Entry 

Masterbath before 1 masterbath before 2

Masterbath before 3

Here some impressions during the renovations. The new, arched doorway.

New doorway

The bathroom down to its studs. Here the view of the original entry.


We decided to add a shower, and a bathtub in the master bath. Below the pic adding the shower base


Bathtub section – see the arches at the top?


And here are the after pictures. We found German wall tiles, Italian floor tiles, and the shower/vanity are also some European brand :): I am SO done choosing tiles!

Masterbathafter1 Masterbathreno3

Masterbathreno4 Masterbathreno5